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What We Do

Augsense lab is in the proof of concept phase of developing a sensor for profiling atmosphere. The sensor is conceived for deployment in multiple geometries of acquisition in a ground based station, a space-borne satellite payload and an air-borne payload.


Basically, the sensor uses signatures on microwave signals as it propagates through atmosphere.


This development brings together knowledge from multi disciplinary areas of Atmospheric science, RADAR signal processing, Satellite communication, Antenna design, RF frontend, Software Defined Radars, Space Flight worthiness and evolving a business model from an economics perspective.

Our pioneering team is currently involved in Signal Processing, Inverse Problems in Computational sensing , Software Defined Radio and Data Fusion in Numerical Weather models.


We also spend time discussing business model, economics, fashioning a product, making a pitch to VCs, collaborating with relevant research departments, publish and present papers and file patents.


Augsense Lab, 

TrEST Park, Gem Building,   

Kulathoor Road, Sreekaryam 

Thiruvananthapuram 695 016 

+91 86060 365 24

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